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Author: Valerio Palma, PhD candidate in Architectural, History and Design, Politecnico di Torino, Luca Galleano

2019 has been the year of the extensive development of 5G technology, which can guarantee access to a higher data amount at a faster speed, opening a gate towards new possibilities. In this perspective, 5G-EVE has been developed as a horizontal validation platform for extensive trials to develop and interconnect existing European sites in Greece, Spain, France and Italy to form a unique 5G end-to-end facility.

FULL Polito is in charge of developing a vertical application based on this platform to test the potential of this infrastructure applied to a new way of accessing cultural information while experiencing the city. This approach uses AR and micro-localization to enrich user experience both on the urban than on the architectural scale, by providing context located information displayed on the real world.

While the app is still in a prototype version, it has shown the potential of 5G infrastructure in providing a large amount of real-time information (like texts, images, video and 3D objects) based on the micro-localization to enhance cultural tourism experience, displayed as AR elements projected on the urban or architectural reality.

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