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About FULL

Future • /ˈfjuːtʃər/ • noun
A period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; a time regarded as still to come.

Urban • / ˈəːb(ə)n / • adjective
In, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city; e.g. ‘the urban population.’

Legacy • /ˈleɡ.ə.si/ • noun
A situation that exists now because of events, actions,
etc., that took place in the past.

Lab • / ləˈb/ • noun
A room or building equipped for scientific experiments, research, or teaching, or for the manufacture of drugs or chemicals.


FULL explores, imagines and designs the future of global and local urban legacy embodied in city form.

FULL merges and boosts established Polito research experiences into a brand new interdisciplinary approach to urban phenomena, built on the integration of morphology, economy, evidence-based design and socio-technical understanding.


Studying the urban realm as a space offers the unique chance of rejoining the separate paths of human sciences, hard sciences and design sciences.

FULL assumes a complex and open definition of urban space as both a perspective to interpret the main challenges posed by a rapidly urbanising world and a place of experimentation for projects and scenarios.

Research Fields

Research activities are based on cross- and inter-disciplinary methods, collaboration and experimentation, internationalisation and comparison, analysis and design, and theory and practice.

FULL’s Main Aims Are:

• To bridge knowledge of the past and visions for the future in the urban realm.

• To design socio-technical innovation scenarios for relevant global urban challenges and to support decision-making processes.


FULL is characterised by a perpective focused on:

• Understanding present global trends.
• Working in a trans-scalar and critical perspective.
• Grounding heritage discourse in present praxis.
• Exercising evidence-based design research as a socially responsible and reflective practice.

Future Urban Legacy Lab
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