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About the project

The incremental recovery strategy, outlined in the research project La Cittadella di Alessandria_Scenari di riuso adattivo, developed in 2017 by the Department of architecture and Design of the Politecnico di Torino on assignment for Company of San Paolo, starts redefining the boundaries and possibilities of reuse of this resistant to changes, deeply isolated, disused and oversized architecture. The identification of three landscapes dealing with the Cittadella and of eight environments help to establish a first hierarchy of the 26 buildings inside and unveiled the latent potentialities of a unitary but internally complex and heterogeneous building. The resulting image revealed an unclear spatial complexity, potentially able to house extremely different activities. The research has identified a first abacus of flexible infrastructural devices that become the heart of a strategy aimed at minimally, almost light, intervention on historical artefacts, still able to immediately reactivate the Cittadella making it safe and usable.



Team: Matteo Robiglio, Elena Vigliocco, Niccola Russi, Mauro Berta, Chiara Lavocone, Alberto Valz Gris, Ricardo Ronzani, Giulio Zotteri, Roberta Tamarino

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