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About the project

Contemporary rentscapes is a biennial research project funded by Sidief Spa (Banca d’Italia) focusing on transformative strategies for large rental housing stocks.
The first part of this project was published in the book Re-Housing, ‘La casa come dispositivo di integrazione’ – The house like an integration dispositive – (Politecnico di Torino, 2018). Triggered by the need for a generational turnover of the urban tenant, FULL demonstrated the flexibility of a portion of the early twentieth-century housing stock through a toolkit of micro-interventions. The second iteration of the project (Living beyond property) investigates the innovative global offer on the private rented market, mapping and decoding the patterns and connections between private and public space in the serviced domestic realm.




Team: Matteo Robiglio, Nicola Russi, Federico Coricelli, Caterina Quaglio, Davide Rolfo, Lorenzo Rabagliati, Giulia Ravera, Michele Simonetti


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