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About the project

The goal of DOUT is to build a platform -open in terms of licenses of the data and adherence to open standards- that allows the creation of layers of data “above” the physical city, each one on a specific focus and with potentially different -but coherent- level of details. The result is a “digital twin” of the city, which gives to researchers and policymakers the possibility to spatially correlate and visualize, beyond the more consolidated uses of 3D city models and 3DGIS, how urban phenomena/problems are distributed across different areas of the city and how they are connected to each other at multiple scales. An exemplary but not exhaustive list of urban dimensions of interest are: pollution, arrests, poverty, education, energy consumption, traffic flows, commercial activities. Generalizing, the DOUT shall enable the simulation of the effects of interventions on the cities structure and/or policies.




Team:Antonio Vetrò ,Chiara Iacovone ,Emilio Abbate ,Giulia Sammartano ,Lucia Baima,Marco Rapelli,Roberta Taramino ,Valeria Todeschi ,Valerio Palma, Giovanni Garifo

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