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Research Position:
Ph.D. Candidate
Programme Architecture. History and Project

Research Interests:
Re-Use of Industrial Urban Legacy
Inequalities and citizenship
Non-performing Legacy

Research Project:

Short bio:
I am an Architect, and I have completed my master’s degree in Architecture in 2017 at the University of Ferrara. In the “Faculdade de Arquitectura do Porto”. I have developed my thesis, focused on the requalification of the ex-Thermoelectric plant of Freixo, located in Oporto. I did an internship in Bern in “Zimoun Contemporary Art Studio”, where I had the opportunity to set various international exhibitions around EU. During 2018 I worked as a teaching assistant in the 3 th year Architectural Design Studio at University of Ferrara, the course was focused on the regeneration of the former
Tito barracks in Sarajevo.

Contact Details:

Other FULL Research Projects:
Non-performing legacy
– (Potential: bibliography/etymology)


Future Urban Legacy Lab
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