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Research Position:
Ph.D candidate
Architecture. History and Project

Research Interests:
Urban Manufacturing
Urban Studies
Creative Economy
Industrial heritage
Urban Development

Research Project:
Local and transnational government are giving new attention to dynamics between production, creative economies and the urban context. The effects of digitization and servitization, the advent of Industry 4.0 and the role of the Knowledge and Cultural economies undermine the separation between urban and industrial space, the restrictive zoning practices emphasizing the role of production in urban dynamics. The research identifies in The Multi-Tenant Mixed-Use Space, strategies for the reuse of industrial buildings as space for manufacturing and creative activities. This model is based on the coexistence in the same building of different actors and productions. The resulting spatial organization fades the clear division between public and private space, a hybrid space in which the interactions are the base of processes of spatial organization.

Short bio:
Emanuele Protti is an architect and Ph.D. student in Architecture History and Design at Politecnico di Torino. He collaborated with Carlo Ratti Associati, Plateau Collaboratif, UdA Marcante-Testa. In 2016, he won in collaboration with Plateau Collaboratif the international competition for the
redevelopment of the industrial sector Pasubio in Parma. He lives and works in Turin.

Contact Details:

Other FULL Research Projects:
Re-production: junior researcher

[RE]use for Production:
Sulle relazioni tra produzione e città/ il caso di Barcellona:

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