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Research Position:
Senior research fellow
Department of Architecture and Design

Research Interests:
Geomatics, Heritage, Architecture, GIS, Urban Space, Spatial Data, Mapping, 3D city models, 3D modelling.

Research Project:
“Geomatics Application in Urban Heritage. Spatial information Strategies for Data Integration, Modelling and Representation”
The research topic is addressed, within the geo-spatial sciences, toward the Geomatics methods applied to the interdisciplinary study of the urban legacies. The Geomatics approach aim to improve and make effective the metric documentation and representation of complex and multi-scale urban phenomena involving the built heritage and its current dynamics in the contemporary city. The data modeling processes (spatial dimensions + Temporal extension + semantic depth) will have to be achieved towards both the production and the management of dense and continuous 3D multi-content models with the attitudes to be flexible and user-oriented.

Short bio:
Giulia is architect and PhD in Geomatics. She cooperates with lab G4CH and FULL. The research interests in geo-spatial science born in the eomatics techniques for 3D documentation of Cultural Heritage by use of multiple digital approaches: 3D modelling by LiDAR, SLAM mapping, close-range and UAV photogrammetry, data analysis and GIS mapping. Current research is developing within urban and landscape scenarios by use of multi-sensor mapping and multi-contents 3D models. She is part of DIRECT Team Polito for emergency surveying, and 2016 Polito Task Force post-eartquake mission. She participates at PRIN 2015 and takes part in the Italian Archaeological Mission in Hierapolis of Phrygia in Turkey (2015, 2017, 2018).

Contact Details:

Other FULL Research Projects:
– DOUT: Digital Open Urban Twin. Project of an open-source and open-data 3D city model for representation, analysis, simulation, prediction of urban behaviours and phenomena, and advanced tool for urban planning.
Project member role: geo-spatial framework, geographic data and 3D city model structure
– Oversize Legacies: Cittadella di Alessandria. Design model for knowledge, documentation, new reuse strategies of large urban legacies
Project member role: geo-spatial framework, 3D digital survey, documentation and modelling.
– Charme – Heri-tech, project for Cultural Heritage approach revolution through management engineering

Point clouds by SLAM-based mobile mapping systems: accuracy and geometric content validation in multisensor survey and stand-alone acquisition.
Historical Buildings Models and Their Handling via 3D
Survey: from Points Clouds to User-Oriented HBIM.

Future Urban Legacy Lab
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