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Luigi Buzzacchi born in Ferrara in 1961. Is full-time professor since 2000 at the Politecnico di Torino, where he teaches courses in urban economics and industrial organization. He also taught insurance economics and financial markets economics in various universities.

His research interests lie in the area of urban and regional economics, insurance and financial markets (in particular, contract theory, ownership structure, venture capital contracts, and innovation incentives), the economics of risk and uncertainty, regulation and public policies, firm size distribution and spatial competition, the economics of professional sports.

He has published and acts as referee for several leading economic journals, also has worked as a consultant to Banca d’Italia, IVASS, and Consob.  His professional career outside of academia includes serving as independent director in financial institutions. He also served as an economic expert adviser on topics such as competition policy, litigation and arbitration cases in insurance, banking/financial law matters.

Research interests and activity:
Urban and regional economics, Firm size distribution and spatial competition, Economics of information and risk, Regulation and public policies, Economics of insurance and financial markets, Economics of professional sports.

Contact Details:

Luigi Buzzacchi; Giuseppe Scellato; Elisa Ughetto (2016)
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