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Research Position:
Ph.D. Candidate

Research Interests:
Automotive, Mobility

Research Project:
New Turin Road Pricing policy feasibility study The aim of the project is to inspect the social, economical and mobility impacts for the Road Pricing policy that will be implemented in Turin. The new schema will be applied on the current Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL), located in the city centre.

Short bio:
Telematic Engineer working in the Automotive field. Currently attending PhD in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering.
Collaborations with FCA Research Center during Master Thesis, 5T during the PhD.

Contact Details:

Other FULL Research Projects:
Junior partIcipant

Avino, G.; Malinverno, M.; Casetti, C.; Chiasserini, C. F.; Malandrino, F.; Rapelli, M.; Zennaro, G.“Support of Safety Services through Vehicular Communications: The Intersection Collision Avoidance Use Case”, AUTOMOTIVE 2018 Conference, 2018

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