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Research Position:
Ph.D. Candidate
Programme Architecture. History and Project

Research Interests:
Urban Design, Computational Architecture

Research Project:
– Digital Tools and Urban Form (working title)
– Cities are rapidly changing and producing new kinds and an unprecedented quantity of information that can be stored and analyzed. Technology is conditioning the way we visualize, represent and design: the methods we build our knowledge on. The study of the morphology of human settlements
has a role in approaching technically advanced tools. The architecture of the city is understood as the means to identify physical, observable, tangible facts, in order to produce shared models of the urban space. The research aims at exploring the integrations of different kinds of information and analytical layers on the urban realm, while keeping its representations — abstractions, generalizations, simulations — clear and falsifiable.

Short bio:
Valerio holds a master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Roma Tre (2016). He has been a research fellow at the ReLOAD Lab of the University of Padova (2016-2016), dealing with interoperable digital models for architectural cultural heritage. His work at FULL focuses on the use of quantitative models and digital tools for urban design and the analysis of urban transformations.

Contact Details:

Other FULL Research Projects:
ARETHA_Augmented Reality Heritage
– junior researcher
AdRem_Adaptive Remediation
– junior researcher

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